Donald Trump and the media

Donald Trump and the media

It is common knowledge that there is an existent tension between the United States’ President, Donald Trump, and the Media of the country. It is a conflict that has been worth of front pages and important headlines on many occasions.

President Trump considers the press as the “enemy of the people” because of the false and untrustworthy information that has been published about him. Although, he does not either treat the media respectfully. For instance, his press secretary Sean Spicer barred several news organizations of an off-camera press briefing. In many of the president’s speeches, such as the one in the CPAC conference, the president has dedicated not exactly kind words to the press.

A matter of news

The press is in a rather uncomfortable position. It has in itself become a matter of news. It is supposed to be objective, but if the story imply them directly the information may be biased. Media companies are to be a channel for citizens to find information, not the main character of news. When the New York Times and the CNN were not allowed to attend the press conference, for example, they published negative reviews of the situation which probably affected their opinion and their predisposition when facing more news about the president. 

The media has decided to normalize the image of Donald Trump as president of the United States. Especially after his “presidential” speech in the joint session of the Congress, where he presented some key proposals for the USA’s future. 

An endless battle between Trump and the media

The press is in need of an important self-criticism task. It needs to analyze how the situation has arrived to this extremes and how it could affect the population. The media has, since the very beginnings of Donald Trump in politics, diminished and undervalued his ideas and image. This may have encouraged him to counter. Now the battle does not seem to find an end, and the attacks are continuous. All these puts their credibility in question.

Iit is a matter of opinion whether if Donald Trump is a reliable president or not, but one thing is clear, he knows how to control the press. He has managed to accommodate his speech to each situation so that this could be spread as he wanted. This is one of the reasons why he is the president. As disrespectful and unethical it is, he can, because of his status, decide which media companies to treat with. But he must deal with the consequences.

To sum up, Donald Trump and the press have engaged in a battle that needs to be dealt with. Normalizing his image is a good way to start accepting him as the President. Notwithstanding, it can never stop being the fourth power and watching the elites. A clear example is PolitiFact a fact-checking website for political information.